Morning View

Morning View

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

RECAP: Really Exciting Chaos And Passion

So I'm learning a lot that I didn't think I was ready to handle- for instance, in "grown up world," shortened to GUW (pronounced GOO), the inhabitants do not need as much sleep, or at least they're excellent pretenders, or zombies. They go to bed around 11, wake up around 6. Technically, that's 7 hours, but I'm sleep spoiled and so the lackage of zzzz's has been making me groggy, especially during these darkened nighttime hours. But, I'm getting ahead of myself:

I have started my internship with UApresents and am LOVING every second of it. I am the extra limb to the trusty tripod that is already in place- under the watchful gaze of Jo, the head woman in charge, UApresents has finally emerged from the dismal depths of broke-hood to the land of profitability- she's been there a few years and has completely transformed the place. She knows negotiation, "no's" when a price is too high, and navigates her loving troops by letting them take matters into their own hands (snaps for n alliteration). I work predominantly under Mario (think Nintendo) who has an understated brilliance about him- he has a wealth of connection and always has little things for me to do. I'm currently experiencing technological difficulties, as in my camera won't load, but when I get my dad to assist me I'll post the picture of the blue and beautiful box I created. Technically, I was not required to decopage for work, but I figured I would add my own little flair.

I've sat in on meetings with the heads of performing arts departments, listened to them talk about artists I love in friendly terms- art evolves into business, a booking and negotiation of people who appeal to certain demography. I, "the college student" "the Greek" "the artsy type," offer advice about what (or who) the average student wants, likes, and hopes for. I listen to bands in my spare time, recommended by my boss, and compile information about their most popular songs, tour dates- I watch their videos, see who they're similar to. Today, I entered so many dates (for the 2010-11 season of UApresents- check it out HERE:) into technological calendars I developed a left pinky callous-- and yet, that's been the only "low," and while my pinky was throbbing, I was laughing the entire day.

In other news: FAMILY FESTIVITIES and CULINARY ENDEAVOURS: Each night of the week, barring the ever-crazy weekend, each member of my 5 person family cooks a meal. Last night- I embarked upon the adventure, spatula in hand, apron clad and cooking glad- The Menu:
Creamy Sweet Potato Soup:
Homemade Wheat Bread
Blueberry-white chocolate chip-ginger snap cookies
Spinach Salad with Strawberries

Simply put...edible heaven. Pictures may have to wait...just found out that I will be going riding at 5 AM tomorrow morning, as in waking up in 7 hours (if I could magically just shut off the rollercoaster motion of my mind) and going to a stable to lead horses around. Did I mention that last time I dealt with horses, one stepped on my foot? Picture of said horse is around on here somewhere- I don't know how to place pictures yet. I just pseudo found out how to put links on here- this blog will be a HOT MESSSS- the best kind of living.

New song: Passion Pit's song "Little Secrets"-


  1. Everything about this post is amazing! The food pictures look like they belong in some culinary magazine ( belly?) and of course I love the horse picture. She (?) is beautiful! You have to let me know how you like riding her!!!

    Work sounds fantast - you will be getting up about now for worksies in the morning so if you see this before you head off, just imagine me singing it to you (I used to do this with my friends when we had to wake up at 5 for horse-shows on weekends):


    feel free to replace GOD with LIFE, UApresents, SHMILANZ, whatevs.

    okay, longest comment award.

    LUV YAA (hahah jk, love you!)

  2. Your dinner sounds so incredible! Why are you getting up at the asscrack of dawn to lead horses around? And life's greatest question: how do adults thrive (or.. survive) or so little sleep? I wish I could magically go to sleep too but that rollercoaster keeps on rolling doesn't it. Love you mucho!!

  3. Hey kristen! I am going to call you later tonight- so I hope you answer!
    Also, I can teach you how to do stuff with your blog if you want :)
    Also, when you post a picture- it goes up to the top of your post - just cut and paste it to where ever in your blog you want it to go!

    your life sounds amazing and I love you!

  4. I am LIVING for these pictures right now :) My God it looks amazing :) Thanks for sharing.